The Professional and Faith


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The co-founder of the Wehba Foundation, C. Frederick “Fred” Wehba, is a business leader who has achieved great success during a five decade career in multiple industries. It is no secret that his Christian faith has played the defining role in shaping his business ethics and leadership style. This acknowledgment has fostered his belief that the Bible should be the primary source for professionals seeking development grounded in spiritual principles.

We had a chance to speak with Fred Wehba about his views on professional development and how Biblical teaching can benefit any professional as they approach their career planning.  What follows is the first of several discussions with Wehba Foundation affiliates on Biblical passages, how they can be applied to one’s life and that are relevant to any business leader today.

How does a Christian mindset produce a superior business mindset?

Fred Wehba: The Bible is a primary tool for personal salivation and spiritual growth, so it also speaks to a higher societal aspiration for how one should interact with the world as a professional. Therefore, I look to the Bible in a professional context for passages and principles that speak to values and higher standards that can be applied specifically to business life. There are a couple of straight forward passages worth sharing as we begin this discussion, because they speak to building a strong foundation for professional achievement.

Leviticus 19:11 – Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.

Fred Wehba: God’s guidance is that simple. The key to business success is in your reputation. Your reputation is created by actions over time. The veracity of your ethics when working with others develops trust and reliance, and a documented track record of fair dealings. This creates a career. God’s desire for his people to be honest and forthright in their dealings with each other is also a requirement for long-term business success. Why do customers return, employees become assets to their employers, and employers attract the best and brightest? It’s the transparency of strong ethics, pure actions, true accomplishment and just rewards. Few would argue this passage does not meet the highest of business priorities; in either a secular or non-secular interpretation.

Mark 8:36 – For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Jesus reminds us to prioritize correctly as we pursue professional success. Family. Community. Charity. Inclusiveness. Compassion. Observing ethical conduct, even when the situation allows us to approach otherwise. Hard work prioritized before its just rewards. These traits will bring peace of mind when analyzing the relevancy of a professional life, and strengthen a commitment to the ethics required for developing a successful career. Success for a professional begins when material benefit plays a secondary role to a primary focus on spiritual health. Then everything else can fall into place. God tells us that we must focus on his priorities to achieve and, maybe more importantly, enjoy professional success. Once a spiritual life is aligned with God’s expectations, professional and material success can then be enjoyed. Adherence to this principal keeps a professional grounded in a place of spiritual relevance and not material attachment.